FCE Challenge #2: Cause, result, make and have

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What’s the difference?

Here’s the Use of English question I posted two days ago.

This is such a confusing question – especially the difference between the verbs ’cause’ and ‘result’.

So what’s the correct answer?

OPTION A: caused is correct. Did you get it right?

The company’s unfair policy on overtime caused many employees to quit and find other jobs.

The meaning of cause and result are pretty similar but the two verbs follows different patterns.

For example, if you wanted to use ‘resulted’ instead, you would say:

The company’s unfair policy on overtime resulted IN many employees to QUITTING and FINDING other jobs.

So the two patterns we have seen here are:

cause sb to do (infinitive) OR cause sth to happen (infinitive)

result in sb doing (gerund) OR result in sth happening (gerund)

By the way, ‘sth’ stands for ‘something’ and ‘sb’ stands for ‘somebody’. It’s very convenient for lazy teachers (me) and lazy students (maybe, you?).

Okay, so why did the examiner give you the last two options – are they just random words?

Not at all!

You can use the verb ‘make’ and ‘have’ in causative sentences. If you are not sure how to use this type of grammar, make sure you sign up for the email newsletter below. I am going to make a Youtube video AND a blog post on this and you don’t want to miss that!

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